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The bomb

Best app ever!!!!!!! Me and my friends have had a blast on this app

Clunky UX and Way Too Many Adds

I thought last years app UX was bad - this years is much worse. Editing my team roster shouldnt make me actually have to think about how to do it, but it does. That, and wow there are a LOT of ads - I mean wow, there are a LOT! I know Yahoo needs money from ads, but this app design is the worst.


Always fun a little laggy with info but not bad.

My opinion

Nothing to complain about.....

Its all in one place

Survivor, Fantasy hockey/football. Real happy!


I love this app! Its so convenient to keep track of everything right there on your lifeline, I mean phone;) I like that it gives u a little notification when someone scores or makes a significant play, so if youre not paying attention ull still have a cheering op!


Fix the iPad version. The cards are great but they are small than on my phone! Use the real state of the iPad and blow the cards up. Its silly to see 2 lines of text on an iPad. Thanks. 4 stars when u fix it

Matchups tab doesnt include all matchups

A lot more features than last version, took a little while to figure out where things were moved, but the functionality and layout makes sense. It take too many clicks to get the the all matchups page. The matchups tab at the bottom should take you to all matchups and then you can select from there

STOP showing projections

STOP showing projections once games start for individual players. Projections are garbage, its just more cluttered and confusing. If anything leave the total team projections

Thanks for listening!

In an earlier review, I wished we could swipe between players cards and BAM update done! Thanks for actually listening to feedback. Now can we get a way to swipe between league matchups?


Bring back old layout!! Went from a 5star app to barely a 1star

Now its good again

Updated review: landscape mode for iPad has returned...thank you! Otherwise the app is working well and does what it should.

Please make the mandatory 3rd WR a FLEX for a WR/RB/TE

The best fantasy football app in the game today. Noticeably making significant improvements.

Frustrating UI

I normally dont write reviews but halfway through my FF season I just need to say something to whoever runs your Ui/Ux. When Im on the home button I should be able to view my league with one click. Currently I need to click on my team icon and then use the scrolling tab to find "league". Also theres two different "Matchup" views. One from that top menu I just mentioned from the Tram tab, and the one on the bottom static bar. The bottom bar does not allow me to view all matchups in my league. Also use a more static option besides the horizontal scrolling for options. If I didnt fiddle around with the app for hours I wouldnt know to scroll right. It shouldnt hurt to play fantasy sports.

Great fantasy tool

Only one I use,

Constant problems

The app use to work great but with the recent changes it now crashes or doesnt load at all. Forced to go through the full site to access lineups.

Sooo much better!

Thank you for finally updating the player cards. So much easier to navigate whether researching or tinkering.

Missing Very Basic setting and prompts

Had a trade accepted and get through the waiting period. But it failed because the other team would exceed the roster limit. When I do 2 for 1 trades on any other fantasy site, it prompts the team receiving the extra player to drop somebody in order to stay under the limit. This is a very basic issue that can be solved with a basic prompt. Dont understand why yahoo doesnt have that

Sortable stats for hockey?

I like some of the improvements but give us some time with one look, its annoying to have to constantly readjust. Also, I would really like to be able to sort hockey FAs by stats and I cant seem to figure it out. The look is sleeker and I am enjoying some of the changes, but sortable stats is kind of important and thats why Im leaving a low score.

Thank you for bringing back the swiping

Swiping between players was easily half the reason why I loved this app. Thanks for bringing it back

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