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Not so friendly

Difficult to edit rosters. Slow refresh and some times I have to close the app in order to have it working again

Great Time

Discovered this year i enjoyed playing that game! The apps is well done and updated improved the experience. Thx

Great app

Great fantasy baseball app. The latest design is much better, brighter, easier to use (closer to the web version).

We cant see the score

We cant see the score of the matchups and league total points, really bad app

Could be better

The idea of the app is great. But the final result goes to waste, since the fan points made by players are never shows. Oh, the disapointment.

Good to manage

Good to manage teams, but poor to view the matchups.

We should see points coming

We should see points coming alive ...

Points error

We can see the total projected points in the matchup screen, but the players projected are all zeroed... This prevents the application from 5 stars...

Player Scoring

Live player scores are not showing, app needs to be fixed.

Unbelievable flaw

Its unbelievable that you cant fix this flaw! Its so simple! IOs users cant see the fantasy points on the app! Fix it!

Good enough

I guess that for having nothing is good enough, I would like to be able to see more stats from my team not only current week.

Fast and simple

Fast access to your fantasy team and players, you can also make changes, add players, and view the matchup exploits on the go.

The Best Fantasy App

No doubt, this is the best Fantasy app

Still buggy

Still buggy. Message board not working, no fantasy or projected points on any side are showing.

US only :/

For all having problems to see the FP you need to change the region setup (not language!) to united States. Then it will work. But as a serious App i would like to have this working no matter what the setup says. Also still buggy and slow on the iPad.

Player stats not updated!!!

Nice App, but at least in Germany player stats are not updated! I hope they fix this soon!!!

Complete Fail

With new update, has stopped working entirely. Cant even load my league or team anymore.

Old app was way better

Old app was way better

Great App ! A must have for Fantasy Sports Managers !

Great App ! A must have for Fantasy Sports Managers !


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